Miroslav Kanovsk√Ĺ

programmer & linux fan

Bratislava, Slovakia

(+421) (0) 910 904 986


kanovskym [at] gmail.com

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What I do

Web Application Development

I code websites and web applications using PHP5.3+, JavaScript, SQL. In larger projects I include some of MVC frameworks (Yii - which is my favourite, CakePHP, ...) and jQuery.

I can do Javascript stuff like AngularJs, Database progamming with MySQL, PostrgreSQL, Microsoft SQL and possibly I'm able to learn others very fast.

I'm experienced with Restful APIs, RPC APIs, Webservices, XML, Ajax and other technologies. I work with GIT (and/or SVN) versioning. I have experience with agile based development methods like lean-development, scrum, kanban boards and extreme programming.

Financial Controlling, accounting and metrics

I have Financial and management practice and education. I'm keen to work with accounting and finance related reporting issues.

I have double entry book-keeping experience.

MS Office and reporting, VBA macro coding

I've been working alot with VBA + MS Office tools and automation of reporting. I'm fond of working with data.

I'm interested in business intelligence related topics such as data extraction and transformation.

Linux exploration

I have experience with Bash scripting, Apache, PHP, MySQL, OpenVPN, SSL setting up. I prefer working with *NIX based OS, rather then Windows

Work Experience

Ferratum | Senior Backend Developer (team leader)

Development of accounting system for international micro-loan selling company.

WebSupport.sk | PHP Developer

Development of external projects mainly using Yii MVC framework. Check out lekar.sk

AT&T | Query specialist

Creating ad-hoc and scheduled reports for EMEA Billing operations, automation of repetive tasks, VBA scripting, SQL development. Development and implementation of Capacity planning tool.

MARKAN Systems | Developer and employer

Website developer and participating on Art school IS solution project. Building eOil.sk e-commerce solution with dynamic pricelists, ajax based searching and large backend administration interface.

BPT Leasing a.s. | Assistant to Financial Manager

Consulting with IT supplier Company. Accounts receivables reporting, Payments booking.